Christmas has always been the perfect day to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them and what better way to do that than with gifts? However, you need to make sure that the gift you choose is just the right one. Nobody likes to get coal from Santa, but they sure don’t like unwanted gifts either. So, instead of watching him scratch his head as he opens your gift, choose the right one from the right place.

Last minute shopping can be an epic disaster, especially when it comes to men’s accessories. Some might consider shopping for men’s accessories as an ‘easy task,’ but we assure you, it’s just as hard. This is one of the many reasons why we composed a list of the top 10 Must-Have Christmas gifts to choose for him.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous handmade leather belt for your boyfriend or a trendy leather briefcase for your husband, we’ve got it all covered in this list. So, no need to explore ten different fashion outlets for that perfect gift, just select your favorite one from the list and buy it online exclusively from Cierphone!

Leather Laptop Briefcase

Dating a workaholic can be tough sometimes, what’s even tougher? Shopping for him. Choosing the perfect gift can be tricky when it comes to a workaholic, but the Leather Laptop Briefcase 7231A just might be the perfect pick. This gorgeously designed laptop briefcase is designed to blend functionality and fashion perfectly for your man.

Made from 100% genuine excellent vintage leather this beautiful bag weighs in at merely a bit over 1kg making it easy to carry. 5 pockets on the front and one on the back make it easy for your man to carry any and everything he needs for the day. The comfortable handle-drop and the zipper top closure surely works as the cherry on top of the cake. Buy it here!

Canvas Duffle Bags for Men

Canvas Duffle Bags have been the new in for the past 2 years. They’re trendy, classy, functional and comfortable to carry. However, with the variations that are currently available, it’s difficult to find a stylish bag that’s functional as well. Well, Cierphone is about to change that with this fabulous Canvas Duffle Bag for men.

The coffee brown color canvas duffle bag for men is easily one of the most attractive things to lay eyes on. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a very comfortable shoulder rest. It additionally comes with a lot of space with two pockets on the front and 4 inside (2 zippered, 2 open pockets) making it perfect for your man. Buy it here!

Laptop Rucksack

Rucksacks are the new IN when it comes to fashion. They’re spacious to help you carry your laptop, and they’re hip to help you stay in style. This Laptop Rucksack by Cierphone is certainly a thing of beauty. The gorgeous coffee brown laptop rucksack comes with leather trimming an adjustable back strap.

The trendy pocket on the front, 2 pockets inside, 2 pockets outside along with a laptop layer make it easy for you to travel with everything you want to. With just a small weight of 0.8Kgs, this is easily one of the best gifts for him if you’re looking for something trendy. Buy it here!

Crossbody Sling Bag

Crossbody Sling bags have been in fashion for the past 5 years. They’re the easiest way to travel with your stuff to your workplace, college, or pretty much anywhere else. This Crossbody sling bag from Cierphone is easily the best choice if you’re looking for one to gift him this Christmas.

The coffee colored bag comes with an excellent canvas that includes leather trimming. With an adjustable shoulder strap, a zipper pocket over and under the flap, a laptop layer inside and even a zipper pocket on the back, your man is certainly never running out of space anytime soon. With a 14” and a weight that’s merely half a kilo, this Crossbody Sling bag is perfect for anyone who looks for panache and functionality at the same time. Buy it here!

Leather Handmade Belt for Men

Does your man like to suit up nicely? Well, here’s one perfect gift for him that’ll make his day. Introducing 100% genuine vegetable leather belt from Cierphone, perfect to match his attire in a meeting or a fancy party.

This gorgeous handmade leather belt comes in an 80-110cm waistline which is perfect for most men and even if it isn’t, there’s a free hole maker that comes with the product. This complimentary addition from Cierphone makes this handmade leather belt just the right choice, especially when compared to its price tag. Grab one for your special man today. Buy it here!

Leather Briefcase for Men

This is quite possibly our favorite addition to the list for a number of reasons. This beautifully designed leather briefcase for men comes in a fabulous brown, yellow color made from excellent crazy horse leather making it eye-candy on the first glance. The briefcase comes with a zipper top for closure and an adjustable shoulder strap for you to carry your stuff in style.

With a laptop layer inside, 2 pockets on the front and back, 2 beside and, extra space for everything else, it is as spacious as possibly can be. With durability to last for years to come, this is the best choice on the list for a corporate man. Buy it here!

Leather Brown Belt

Patterned belts have been in fashion for quite some time now. For any fashion enthusiast or a corporate dresser, a genuine patterned leather belt is a must-have. So, why not gift it to him this Christmas? Cierphone’s gorgeous leather brown vegetable belt with patterns is just the thing to grab as a gift.

The 80-110cm to fit his waist perfectly and even if it doesn’t, it comes with a free hole maker for you to adjust it accordingly. The beautiful checked pattern along with the brown color makes it the perfect addition to his attire, especially if he’s a corporate dresser. Buy it here!

Document Sling Bag

Next on the list comes a new addition to the list i.e. the premier quality document sling bag from Cierphone. This beautiful black colored document sling bag from Cierphone comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and 3 pockets over the flap. There’s also a zipper pocket under the flap so that you never run out of space.

Like to carry your laptop around? That’s no problem at all as this Document Sling bag by Cierphone comes with a laptop layer inside. With plenty of space to carry your documents, genuine leather lining, and a gorgeous design, this is just what you need. Buy it here!

Cow Leather Duffle Bag

Genuine cow leather bags are very hard to find and even when you do find one with the perfect design; it is somehow just not durable and low in quality. Well, Cierphone solved that problem with this gorgeous Cow Leather Duffle Bag. Made from 100% cow leather, this brown leather bag comes with a beautiful leather pattern on the outside making it the perfect choice for you to gift your man.

The easy to carry travel bag is perfect in size and shape for anyone who likes to roam around in style. The functionality of the bag is top notch; it can be used as a duffle bag, travel bag, dispatch bag, laptop bag and it comes with a Metal Lock & leather buckle for you to stay in class. With 3 additional pockets for your laptop, wallet, and your tablet/iPad, this definitely should be the first choice for you this Christmas. Buy it here!

Cowhide Messenger Bag for Men

Quality cowhide leather bags are hard to find. They are gorgeous; they are durable, and they’re just perfect for minimal usage. This beautiful cowhide messenger bag for men by Cierphone just might be the perfect gift for your man. The beautiful cowhide leather messenger bag comes with two zipper layers and an adjustable strap for an overall design which is exceptional and stands out.

What also stands out is the beautiful brown color making it easier to notice. With a zipper pocket inside, under the flap and on the back, choosing this cowhide messenger bag for your man is easily the best choice. Buy it here!

All in all, Cierphone has got you covered when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your other half. No need of moving from one outlet to the other to choose the perfect men’s bag and accessories. Just click on the link, add it to your cart and click checkout to receive your order from Cierphone right at your doorstep. Choose wisely from the 10 most perfect products and give your man the gift that he deserves this Christmas!